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Slain yKalinga cop to be laid to rest in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Police Corporal Jeric Ace Abaoag, the yKalinga police killed in Ilocos Sur will be laid to rest Tuesday next week, July 31.

Abaoag, 29, a native of Tabuk City and now residing in San Antonio, Narvacan was found swimming in his own blood morning of July 20 at the top floor of the Narvacan Municipal Police Station where he was assigned.

Lying close to Abaoag was his lifeless colleague, Patrolman Joe Mendoza, 27, who allegedly shot him before killing himself.

Mendoza was described to be holding a gun when they were found by duty police of the Narvacan MPS who heard three gunshots from the crime scene. It was also later revealed that the suspect was stressed prior to the incident.

Abaoag’s wife, Jeysan announced on Facebook that her husband’s remains are at Sitio Simmilong, Barangay San Antonio, and will be buried on July 31.

Loving husband, father

In her interview with JCQ Online Tv Channel on July 21, Jeysan recounted she was waiting for her husband to come home on July 20 since it’s his supposed day off.

“…padpadaanak isuna nga sumangpet kuma ta off na ngarud diay nga aldaw ngem kasdiay metten iti news nga siyak metten gayam iti mapan mangsundo kanyana idiay station,” she relayed.

When asked to describe her husband, Jeysan said he was a loving spouse to her over the 10 years they have been together and he was also an affectionate and responsible father to their 3 kids.

“Uray nu nabannug nga nagapu iti duty, he will prepare breakfast for the kids, for me,” she elaborated, adding that PCpl Jeric was also a helpful person and one who was soft-spoken and never complains.

No grudge

The grieving wife said she has no grudge against the family of Mendoza, recalling that when she was hugging the body of her husband, all she felt was calmness and peace of mind.

“Siguro ni lakay ko awan iti grudge na against diay kadwa na isu nga kanyak haan ko nga marikna iti unget against the family,” she said.


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