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Tanudan LGU pushes training youth on combative sports

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Tanudan, Kalinga – To introduce martial arts in the Municipality of Tanudan, elementary and high school students undergo training on combative sports as a way for the LGU to instill discipline and add to the number of YKalinga martial arts artists who made it to the international arena.

The ongoing training covers various disciplines such as arnis, boxing, Pencak silat, wushu, and wrestling.

According to John Ryan Awingan, Executive Assistant and Information Officer of the Office of Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag, the said initiative started in June this year when Mayor Dagadag approved the proposal of Martial Arts Instructor Daniel Gumilao to train the youth in the municipality on combative sports.

He added that the mayor has long since wanted to bring martial arts in Tanudan which is why he immediately supported the training.

“Adda pay met lang manen plano ni mayor nga agala pay daduma nga instructors kadagiti daduma pay nga sports ket nu sino ti umay manen kanya na mangibaga ket i-approve na nga dagus,” Awingan added.

Producing martial artists from Tanudan

In an interview with Daniel Gumilao, he conveyed that he wanted to share his expertise in combative sports to the youth in Tanudan in order to hone future martial artists from the municipality.

“Idi napanak kenni Mayor Jaedicke Dagadag kunak nga ag-train tayo man iti u-ubbing iti Tanudan tani nu tunggal Provincial meet, CARAA, awan iti participation iti Tanudan iti combative sports ket inaprubaran na met iman nga ‘sige mapan ka ta i-train ta’,” he narrated.

In order to meet this goal, Gumilao has been going to different barangays to train elementary and high school students.

As of this writing, Gumilao has already taught the young ones in Barangay Magtoma, Mangali, Lubo, and Taloctoc.

‘Babaen iti sports ket mailisi da iti madi nga aramid’

Meanwhile, Mayor Dagadag expressed gratitude to Gumilao for his dedication and for patiently going to every barangay in Tanudan just to teach the youth.

“Agyamayaman kami unay ken master Daniel ta iyan-anus na piman nga mapmapan mangisuro ti talent na kadagitoy kailyan nga taga Tanudan,” he expressed.

Dagadag added that introducing the youth to sports will keep them from getting involved in bad and illegal vices.

“Agyamanak ta adda ti kastoy nga trainings para kadagiti uubing idiay Tanudan tapnu ti kasta ket idiay da nga ag-concentrate. Kasi mamati nak nga through sports ket mailisi dagitoy uubing tayo iti anya man nga madi nga aramid,” the mayor conveyed.


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