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yKalinga beads makers train on labelling and designing to boost sales

Tabuk City, Kalinga - To enhance the market potential of their bead products, a women-led enterprise in Kalinga underwent training on product labeling and e-product catalog design from Sept. 14–15, 2023, at the DTI Conference Hall, Tabuk City, Kalinga.

The training, which benefited the Changoy Beaders Association (CBA), is a collaborative activity of the Department of Agrarian Reform - Kalinga and the Department of Trade and Industry - Kalinga.

Product catalogs are a type of marketing collateral that lists crucial product details which include product features, descriptions, dimensions, prices, weights, availability, colors, and customer reviews that assist buyers in making a purchase decision,

Product labeling, meantime, refers to the display of the product's information in the product's packaging.

According to DAR-Kalinga, bead-making is already a tradition in the area, and the practice of such a craft is already considered a way of life.

Through the training, the women's group skills in enterprise promotion and product development will be improved, not only enhancing its marketability but also allowing the art of bead-making to continue to thrive in the area.

"The beads complete the Kalinga outfit from head to foot, as headbands, headdresses, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and accessories of indigenous fabrics, displaying a magnificent 'Beauty and the Beads'," the agency said.

To preserve the old-age tradition of bead-making, they also teach young girls in the community the art of crafting such products.

The agency added that most of its bead products are made of recycled plastics, making the organization an advocate of environmental conservation.

As to marketing their products, the enterprise sells them in the locality and even in nearby provinces, where most of their customers are passersby and tourists.

With the training and other assistance provided to the organization, DAR and DTI hope it will become 'a strong enterprise-based organization that sustains the culture of the people.'

As pledged by DAR-Kalinga, they will continue to give assistance to the organization so that it can become self-reliant in the coming years.



yKalinga loan officer is 2023 Southeast Asian 'Dynamic Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Advocate'

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