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1 of 2 missing persons drowned during Typhoon Egay in Cagayan found

Peñablanca, Cagayan – The body of a teenager who drowned in a river in Minanga, Peñablanca, during the height of Super Typhoon Egay was retrieved by authorities Wednesday, July 26.

His body was found near the portion of the river where he drowned with his father. It was discovered stuck in a tree, which might have prevented it from being swept away further by the water.

The victim and his father went missing on Tuesday, July 25, after they were swept off by the raging water while they were about to cross a river in said area few hours before lunchtime.

According to a witness named by authorities as Arjay Taccad, they were at the river to catch fish prior to the arrival of the super typhoon when they decided to get back home due to adverse weather conditions.

Taccad was able to cross the swollen river, but the two identified as Jun Jun Taguiam, 36, and his son, Julius Taguiam, were not able to do so due to exhaustion.

Taccad, meantime was not able to save the father and son.

Some residents in the area were the first ones to respond to the incident but failed to find the two, prompting them to call for help from Rescue 24 of the local government unit of Peñablanca.

Now that the younger Taguiam is found, search and retrieval operations are still being conducted by authorities to locate the father.

Meantime, MDRRM Peñablanca relayed Taccad is now undergoing counseling due to the trauma he got after witnessing the incident.


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