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2 Cordilleran universities produce 15 topnotchers in Nov. 2022 nursing board exam

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines - Out of the 157 topnotchers of the recently released November 2022 Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE), 15 are from the two top performing universities in the Cordillera region.

The board exam result was made public by the Philippine Regulation Commission early Wednesday morning, exactly 12 working days after the conduct of exams on Nov. 12 and 13 in various testing centers nationwide.

In said result, all the 399 examinees from Saint Louis University and 127 from Benguet State University - La Trinidad successfully passed, resulting in the inclusion of both schools in the list of Top 1 Performing Schools.

Some 11 graduates of SLU made it to the top 10 - Melchor F. Pimentel Jr. landed in Top 2 (89.80), Reina Joyce M. Bulao in Top 4 (89.40), Jamie Renee B. Martinez in Top 6 (89.00), Karen Z. Daoay in Top 7 (88.80), Precious A. Mamaril also in Top 7, and Kyla Nicole R. Sese in Top 8 (88.60).

Another five SLU graduates scored a rating of 88.40, therefore making it to Top 9 (88.40). These are Maranatha Raquel R. Buenaventura, David Audrey H. Dulay, Patrick John L. Formoso, Yessamin T. Guadiz, and Eena Cassandra S. Mercado.

Meantime, four examinees from BSU managed to land in Top 7 to 10 list. Karla Karina E. Dela Cruz and Krixanne Gwyneth M. Colas ranked 7th, Janille M. Beray is in Top 9 while Stefanie S. Banawa is Top 10.

In total, there were 24,903 examinees and 18,529 passed the board.


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