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2 die after car fell into irrigation canal in Tabuk City

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Two men died after their vehicle fell into the irrigation canal in Barangay New Tanglag this Thursday, October 20, 2022.

The casualties were identified as Gerald Tomas Gagelonia, a nurse at Kalinga Provincial Hospital, and Marlon Agnaya, an employee at the Kalinga Provincial Capitol.

The two were discovered inside a Nissan Almera which was submerged in the irrigation canal around 5:20 AM today.

The bodies of the two were brought to TAMPCO Funeral Care while the vehicle involved was brought to Traffic Management Unit for temporary custody.

Police investigation

According to the investigation of the Tabuk City Police Station, it was around 11:49 PM when Gagelonia and Agnaya boarded the former’s car and stayed there for approximately 20 minutes before driving towards Bulanao from Barangay Masablang.

Police investigators who inspected the area believed that the Nissan Almera while traversing the road towards Bulanao from Masablang had its right-side wheel fall at the side of the road. This led the driver to swerve to the opposite lane, however, the car went straight to the irrigation canal.

The incident could have happened around 12:30 AM. This is after the owner of the house in front of the place of the incident claimed to have been pulled out of sleep due to the loud barking of the dogs in their area at midnight.

The house owner further said that he went outside to check what was happening but saw nothing.

However, around 5:20 AM, it was then they discovered the car in the irrigation canal.


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