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2 died, 3 injured after driver loses control of vehicle

Cagayan, Philippines – While he was able to avoid a possible crash with a 10-wheeler truck, a 57-year-old driver was involved in a road crash that killed two young men and injured three other individuals in Cumao, Gattaran, Cagayan on Wednesday, January 31.


The driver, identified by police as Elorde Cabildo, was traversing the road in Cumao when he avoided a 10-wheeler truck, which was then in the process of turning about along the highway.


He later lost control of his vehicle’s steering wheel, causing his vehicle to side-swipe a motorcycle ferrying two individuals.

As a result, the back rider, named Ronald Vitin, was hurt while its driver was left unharmed.

The vehicle continued to move until it rolled over into a utility van being repaired on the side of the road.


As a result of its impact, the loads of sand the vehicle was ferrying buried the four individuals who were then fixing their van.

While they were all brought to the hospital promptly, two of them died, while two others are now recovering from their sustained injuries.


The casualties were identified as Eduardo Manuel and Ronnie Orpilla, who were both 23 years old. The two other individuals, meantime, were named Recto Aquino, 43, and Luther Santos, 70.


The truck driver was temporarily released after an amicable settlement with the family of Manuel, but the possibility of him facing charges is anticipated as police are still waiting for the actions of other victims.