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22-year-old rider drowns after falling into irrigation canal in Tabuk

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A 22-year-old motorcycle rider was found dead in the irrigation canal near Sitio Maledda in Barangay Ipil around 10:00 AM today, January 19.

The dead man identified as Efren Laytoc, helper, and a resident of Barangay Casigayan, had been the subject of the search and retrieval operation launched by the Tabuk City police, Special Action Force, and the Bureau of Fire Protection early morning today.

According to the initial investigation of the Tabuk City Traffic Management Unit, the rider was believed to have had the accident around 3:00 AM of January 19 in Sitio Callagdao.

The police report states that the position and skid mark of the motorcycle which was left beside the shoulder of the irrigation shows the rider came from the south direction and was heading towards the direction of Bulanao proper when the incident happened.

The said skid mark also reveals that the motorcycle hit the huge stone beside the road and that it skidded around 5 meters, which led the driver to plunge into the irrigation. Additionally, the rider was believed to have been dragged by the current of the water.

No one saw the incident.

Earlier on January 11 this month, a 19-year-old motorcycle rider from Quezon, Isabela was also found dead and floating in the irrigation canal in Sitio Maledda. His body was retrieved two days after he accidentally crashed against a parked car at the side of the road and fell into the irrigation canal.

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