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26-yr.-old PNPA dean's lister from Apayao inspired by police dad

Updated: May 8

A 26-year-old lad from Apayao is now about to fulfill his childhood dream of serving and protecting the people just like his father who spent nearly 3 decades in police service.

Police Lieutenant Adrian Hufana Tapiru of Kabugao, Apayao is among the Philippine National Police Academy MASIDTALAK Class of 2023 who graduated this March 10.

Adrian is a Commandant’s and Dean’s Lister. He is also the Silent Drill Officer and the only cadet from Apayao in their class.

“After graduating from the PNPA, I know that my journey in law enforcement is far from over. I have a strong desire to continue serving our country and making a difference in the lives of the people I swore to protect,” he told GURU Press Cordillera.

Inspired by his dad

Adrian’s father, retired PLt. Rodolfo Tapiru Jr. has set a great example to his son, making him want to pursue the same path since he was a child.

Adrian recounted he grew up watching his father and his fellow policemen work in maintaining peace and order. He added he always listen to his dad telling his experiences in patrolling the streets, responding to emergencies, and working with the community.

“I was amazed at how they could remain calm and composed even in the most stressful situations. As I grew up, I felt a sense of pride and admiration for my father and his colleagues. I realized that I wanted to follow in their footsteps,” he narrated.

For this reason, he enrolled Bachelor of Science in Criminology at the University of Cagayan Valley. As he reached his 3rd year in the university, he thought of pursuing his education at the prestigious school for law enforcement, PNPA.

Overcoming challenges

Just like other cadets, Adrian faced various challenges at the academy. One of these is being away from home. According to him, he was homesick but he was able to overcome it with the help of his fellow cadets who shared the same struggle.

Another challenge is keeping up with the demanding physical training program and maintaining a high academic standing. He recalled there were times he was exhausted and discouraged to continue.

“I was able to survive my struggles in cadetship by always thinking of my family because they were the very reason why I am always inspired to never give up,” he said, adding it was also the Creator who guided him and gave him strength.

Special Action Force

Adrian shared he wanted to be part of the Special Action Force, citing its reputation of being an elite and highly skilled unit of the Philippine National Police.

“I know that joining the SAF would be a challenging and demanding path, but I am willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to be a part of such a respected unit,” he stated.


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