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7.0 Quake leaves Abra with over P1.2 billion damage in agriculture and infrastructure

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Abra, Philippines – Being the epicenter of the magnitude 7 earthquake that shook Northern Luzon on July 27, Abra suffered an estimated damage cost of P1.266 billion in infrastructure and in agriculture, according to Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office- Abra.

This is only the total estimated damage cost recorded as of August 2, 2022. Thus, the figure can change as several other sectors are yet to be accounted for.

On said record, PDRRMC-Abra noted that infrastructure received the most damage at P801.905 million, while agricultural damages are at P50.331 million.

Destroyed houses, meantime, had a total estimated damage cost of P414.706 million.

Breakdown on damages on infrastructure Irrigation facility incurred P21,392,000 damaged costs, bridges - P6,255,000, farm-to market roads, barangay and municipal roads - P116,234,446, provincial roads -P 56,256,000, national roads - P22,949,700, commercial Buildings – P149,756,600, government buildings/facilities - P317,892,500 and government equipment -P2,920,000.

Other infra damages were also documented which include P12, 526,500 estimated damage costs on water systems, P52,873,761 on school buildings, hospitals, and churches, P966,600 on private establishments, and P41,881,900 on other infrastructures such as slope protection, flood controls, spillways, and box culverts.

Report on breakdown of agricultural damages

For agricultural damages, the province recorded an estimated damage costs of P4,081,290 for crops, tree plantation - P50,000, fisheries - 1,638,500, livestock - 2,945,500, Agri-infra - P26,193,750, Agri-machineries - P250,000 and Agri-land - P 15,172,572.

On damaged houses, PDRRMC noted that 264 were totally damaged, while partially damaged houses reached 19,165.

Casualties and injuries

The quake killed at least five individuals and injured 302 in Abra.

Said record includes the four casualties who were reported missing at the height of the tremor but later found after police decided to dig up a landslide in their work area.

Their dead bodies were found on July 29 - identified as Mar Barreyro, Louie Dining, Jack Gamengan and Angelo Badi. Gamengan and Badi are both minors.

Meantime, another victim was identified by authorities as the 23-year-old Jonalyn Bilan Siganay who died after debris from a collapsed wall hit her head.


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