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70 Tinglayan Farmers finish special training to ensure P10M livelihood project's sustainability

Tinglayan, Kalinga – After having trained and graduated from the Farmer Field School (FFS), 70 farmers who are members of two farmers’ organizations in Tinglayan are now assured of the sustainability and proper management of the livelihood projects recently awarded to them by the Department of Agriculture through its Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) program.

The training was provided to them by the DA, which started the first week of September.

The FFS, also known as “school without walls”, according to Larae Lactao of Tinglayan Municipal Information Office, is a social preparation phase training under the SAAD program which aims to equip farmers with technologies and information towards project sustainability and management.

Among the trainings given were hands-on training onsite identification, proper management and application of fertilizer and water, harvest and post-harvest handling, among others.

The farmers’ associations, to include Barangay Ambato Legleg Irrigators -Group Incorporated Association (BALI-GIA), and Mallango Unified Farmers Association (UFI), are among those which were recently awarded with P10, 800,100 worth of agricultural projects along with other 128 members of Magic 78 Lower Bangad Farmers Organization (M78LBFO) and Churawon Farmers Association (CFA).

Lactao related that BALI-GIA members were awarded with carabao and peanut production project while Mallango UFI received peanut and duck production project.

According to a SAAD-Kalinga personnel, the program’s goal is poverty alleviation among households and to serve as means for adequate source of food in the province.

Response of the graduates

In their messages, the presidents of the two organizations expressed gratitude as they were chosen as beneficiaries and committed that they will do their part as beneficiaries.

“We are truly grateful to all the SAAD and MLGU personnel who have come to provide us support despite this pandemic. We really appreciate your efforts for reaching out to us,” Jerry Kinao of Mallango UFI said.

For BALI-GIA PO Chairman Henry Dantog, he described the start of the venture as a difficult one but regardless of it, he commits that they will give their best in keeping their organization active and produce quality products out of what the agency taught them.

“I’m not saying that change will happen instantly, but we’ll not rush it and instead take it slowly. In due course, time will show the results,” he added.

Message of Mayor Gumilab

Mayor Sacrament Gumilab in his speech lauded the said government program as it taught his constituents to enter local entrepreneurship.

He even related the quote, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

According to Gumilab, training an individual to start a livelihood is a wise decision as every community needs business enterprises, more local entrepreneurs to enrich the local economy and with business, more job opportunities and means of income will be provided to the people.

Further, the mayor also committed his support for local farmers disclosing his plans, which is to identify and establish major agricultural products for each of the 20 barangay in the municipality.

He likewise told the beneficiaries to take care of the livelihood projects granted to them and not let it go to waste.

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