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8-hour refresher course needed to renew driver's license

Baguio City, Philippines – Motorists who intend to renew their drivers’ license are required to undergo an eight-hour refresher course in any accredited driving school before getting a new license which is valid for 10 years, an official of LTO Cordillera said in a report Monday, November 1, 2021.

Required for said drivers is a refresher seminar on traffic rules, regulations, and road safety as mandated through Republic Act Number 10930 signed in 2017, extending the validity of drivers’ licenses.

A certificate will then be issued to those who have completed the seminar as compliance prior to the issuance of a driver’s license.

In a statement, Francis Almora, Regional Director of LTO-Cordillera said the mandatory refresher course is vital for motorist not only to learn traffic rules but also for them to understand their responsibilities as bearers of a driver’s license.

Should a motorist fail to pass, Almora said that they can retake the seminar as many times as needed until they managed to pass the exams.

As recalled, the driver’s license, which has a 10-year validity, has been already implemented in Metro Manila and to follow are other provinces in the country.

A report from the Mountain Province Broadcasting Corporation disclosed that for Cordillera, that the application for a 10-year license is expected to be start this November.

In connection, to give drivers leeway to comply with the CDE requirement, a top official said that they are extending the validity of previously issued licenses by two months from the date of expiration.

Materials for the CDE are to be given for free in all LTO offices. These are also available on the office’s online platforms, while the examination will be done through the Land Transportation Management System portal, or at driver’s education centers in selected offices.

Meantime, aside from the refresher course and passing the exams, another requirement shall be a record of the driver showing that he/she has not violated any traffic rules within the last five years and should have not been involved in any accident.

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