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Abra plans jabbing 500 people a day to attain herd immunity by December

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Bangued, Abra – To achieve herd immunity in the province, the provincial government of Abra has launched the “Abreño: Bakunado, Protektado” aiming to inoculate at least 500 individuals daily in their mass vaccination program that started on Monday, September 20, 2021, in the municipality of Bangued.

Under this program, the provincial government is aiming to immunize at least 70 percent of its total population coming from the priority groups, the A1 to A5 categories, by December.

Abra’s population based on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing is 250,985. To attain herd immunity, the province must inoculate over 178,698 individuals by year-end.

After reaching all barangays in Bangued, Provincial Governor Joy Bernos through the Philippine Information Agency-Abra said that they will be heading to the different towns of Abra to bring the vaccination services to the grassroots level.

“This mass vaccination caters to A1 to A5 categories so that by December, we will achieve the 70% herd immunity here,” Governor Bernos said.

At present, for organized vaccination efforts and with consideration to minimum health standards, Abra is utilizing an online registration system.

According to PIA-Abra, individuals cannot proceed to the designated vaccination site unless he/she will receive a text from the office confirming his or her vaccination schedule. As explained, this measure is being done to limit the number of individuals going to the site to avoid mass gatherings.

To register, Abrenians can visit the site – Said site is open daily from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

No one can choose preferred vaccine brand

Further, Bernos stated that individuals are not given the privilege to choose their preferred vaccine as vaccine brands appropriate for the vaccinee will be determined by the assessment team.

Bernos has also assured that enough supply of vaccines is available for the mass vaccination and, if needed, the provincial government will ask for additional vaccines from the health department.

Meantime, as Abra switches to general community quarantine from enhanced community quarantine status, Bernos reminded the public to remain vigilant through the continuous observance of minimum health standard protocols to avoid the surge of the virus.

“I encourage everyone to stay at home, protect yourselves and enjoy your families, but don’t forget to mask up and observe physical distancing even at home,” she said.

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