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Aguinaldo, Ifugao celebrates 1st Farmers and Fisherfolks Week

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – To pay tribute to members of the agricultural sector for their notable efforts and sacrifices just to bring food to tables, the municipal government of Aguinaldo, Ifugao staged its inaugural farmers and fisherfolks week celebration Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

The agricultural town is known for raising domesticated livestock for vast fields. Likewise, it contributes corn, cassava, rice, and fish production to the market.

Anchored with the theme, “Strengthening of Farmers Cooperative and Associations in Partnership with Private and Government Agencies towards Economic Stability & Self-Sufficiency”, the celebration highlighted government support towards local farmers and their products.

After the parade, residents from various villages gathered at the Municipal gymnasium in Barangay Galonogon for a program graced by the Regional Director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Cordillera, Dr. Lilibeth Signey, who was adopted as a daughter of Aguinaldo and was given the name “Ghajun.”

Agricultural by-products were presented in the afternoon of said day, followed by the activities such as the formulation of concoctions by the Monggayang Farmers and Fisherfolks Association, Baking of Cassava Cake by Lower Awayan Farmers and Fisherfolks Association, and Fish Deboning by the Ambalawag Crystalline Fisherfolks Association.

Also, the Potagon, Haitan, Chutic Farmers Association showcased mushroom production, while Nehemad Farmers Association featured Organic Feeds Formulation for local livestock.

In addition, the LGU led by Mayor Gaspar Chilagan Jr. sponsored games to further promote the products. Among the activities staged were catching the native chicken, blindfolded eating bananas, batting the tomato (corn and tomato), and hand threshing contest (corn).

Agri-based Financial Literacy Program was held for the farmers and fisherfolks to calculate costs and profit margins and work out cash flow plans to increase farm profitability.


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