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Aguinaldo, Ifugao recommends trekking at Mt. Ambalawag to tourists

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – When it comes to hiking, the most popular in the Cordillera for local and foreign tourist is Mt. Pulag in Benguet, but most do not know that there is also one hiding in the mountainous province of Ifugao – the Mt. Ambalawag Eco Tourism Park in the municipality of Aguinaldo.

Aguinaldo is a 2nd class municipality and home to many great sceneries. The Municipal LGU is headed by Mayor Gaspar B. Chilagan Jr.

The Tourism Information Office of Aguinaldo said the Mt. Ambalawag Eco Tourism Park is not only for hikers but also for adventure enthusiasts looking for some stunning cascades and waterfalls – it is where the majestic Naumag Waterfalls is found.

After an approximate 13-hour long hike at Mt. Ambalawag, which is 1,700 meters above sea level, hikers can bathe for a while in the cool waters of Naumag waterfalls.

“Mt. Ambalawag Eco Tourism Park has two tourism attractions, the thick virgin mountain Mt Ambalawag and the refreshing Naumag Waterfalls,” a staff of Aguinaldo Tourism Office said.

With its elevation, the tourism office said it is considered a major trail with a difficulty level of 8/9.

Accordingly, the eco park, just like other tourism sites in the country, only re-opened this year because of the COVID-19 virus.

Safety of trekkers

In ensuring the safety of travelers visiting the site, the municipality made it mandatory for tourists to have with them a local tour guide.

"To ensure safety, mandatory ang local tour guide… Kaya need ng tourists ng prior coordination with the Municipal Tourism Information Center or BLGU Jacmal before any hiking activity," the staff said.

They can be contacted through this email – or those interested may visit their Facebook page – Aguinaldo Tourism Information Office | Facebook.

For fees, the tourism office said they are collecting P65 per person, P30 for the entrance fee and P35 for the environmental fee.

For the local tourist guide, their fee amounts to P750 per day.

The don’ts when trekking Mt. Ambalawag

To preserve the area, which is a natural habitat for various species of animals and plants, the municipality is implementing the Leave No Trace Principle or those visiting the area should not leave any garbage in the area.

“Aside from the Leave No Trace Principles, bawal [din] mag-harvest ng any kinds of forest products and hunting activities in any form among tourists,” the tourism office added.

As for food, the office relayed that locals are selling cooked and uncooked native chicken and organic water crest to interested tourists.


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