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Aguinaldo, Ifugao soon to have access to climate-relevant support services

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – An Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Agriculture (AMIA) village will soon rise in Aguinaldo town of Ifugao, announced the agriculture department.

With this, the community in town which will be called AMIA village will have access to technological and institutional innovations that will be introduced, and the locality will serve as a go-to place for other communities to emulate climate-resilient approaches.

As the flagship program of the agriculture department for climate change adaptation and mitigation, AMIA implements technologies and practices and provides climate-relevant support services to the agriculture and fisheries sectors in villages nationwide.

In October, the local government unit of Aguinaldo headed by Mayor Gaspar Chilagan Jr. had an inception meeting with DA-AMIA Cordillera for the purpose of establishing AMIA village in the municipality.

During said event, the program, along with its key components which are the Climate Resiliency and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA), Climate Information Services (CIS), Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA), and Climate REsilient Agri-fishery Technology-bases Enterprises (CREATE), were presented.

“CREATE component is the end goal of the AMIA program, it is when beneficiaries have already established and sustained their own enterprise,” explained Crisante K. Rosario, Agriculturist II from Field Operations Division-Special Programs Coordinating Section of DA – Cordillera.

DA-AMIA Cordillera, in a press release, said an Automated Weather Station (AWS) will be installed in the municipality grounds this November. The AWS, it added, is a tool to measure and record real-time weather parameters as the basis for forecasting weather conditions to aid in the agricultural activities of the farmers in the locality.

On his part, Mayor Gaspar vowed to provide all possible support for the success of the said initiative which will promote sustainable farming practices.

“As we talk about AMIA, we are familiar with some activities within the program, however, we will try to enhance what is doable here in the municipality,” he added.



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