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Apayao Gov. Bulut Jr. assures more funds for livelihood projects

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Apayao, Philippines – During the Apayao Livestock Exhibit 2022 held at the Provincial Capitol in Luna on September 1, 2022, Governor Elias Bulut Jr. assured more funds shall be provided to help support livelihood programs for farmers’ associations and groups in the province, reminding beneficiaries not to waste government support.

The exhibit, which has been organized by the Provincial Veterinary Office-Apayao, runs until September 15, 2022.

The governor, in his short message at the opening of the exhibit, likewise emphasized the outcome of the introduction of projects on livestock production, which started way back 10 years and mentioned the provincial government’s commitment to providing full backing.

Bulut Jr. encouraged the farmers by underscoring that it is not always planting season, but that there is also a harvest time to look forward to.

“Now we can see the result of what we have been doing… we do not stop here… (Now) we are also producing our own feeds. That means there are more animals that need the products we produce. So, this is our purpose. Saan lang nga kanayon nga agmula… but there is also a harvest season for us,” said the Governor.

Bulut Jr. related that the livelihood projects of the provincial government are a serious one because allotments for these projects are no longer hundreds of thousands, but millions.

“Milyonen ti support nga ited tayo kadagiti farmers nga agpro-produce to encourage creation and production of more products,” said Bulut Jr.

Bulut Jr. likewise said he shall find solutions to lower the production cost of animal feeds, saying one of which shall be the establishment of an animal feed mill in the province of Apayao

Participants of the Apayao Livestock Exhibit 2022

Dr. Ralph M. Verzon, Provincial Veterinarian said the exhibitors of the event were the graduates of the Farmer Livestock School project from 2015 to 2021. These include Apayao Livestock Agriculture Cooperative, SIBES Agrarian Reform Multi-Purpose Cooperative, LAOPA, and the Governor himself.

Verzon said the activity was done as an avenue for government officers, public officials, farmers, producers, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders to interact. It is also a way to promote and market products.

It is hoped that such activities shall enhance agricultural production and boost the economy of the Province of Apayao.

Added support from Congressman Eleanor Bulut-Begtang

The Apayao Livestock Exhibit was funded by the Apayao Provincial Government with the help of Apayao Congressman Eleanor Bulut-Begtang who contributed to other needs in the livelihood projects in the said province.

Verzon said the Farmers Field School on Sheep Production alone is allotted about P2 to 3 Million per year. The sheep production project is now delivering around 130 to 200 heads of sheep, which are distributed to 25 to 30 FLS graduates (5 heads per graduate) for them to produce more sheep.

Verzon explained that beneficiaries of their program’s scheme require farmers to do their part in order to be provided with animals to start their livestock farming.

“For the PLGU and the Provincial Veterinary, we give funding, conduct Farmer Livestock School training for 7.5 months (2 hours training in a scheduled day per week), and validate the capacity of animal housing and forage/pasture area,” explained Verzon.

The provincial vet added that beneficiaries must finish the 7.5 months of season-long training, provide animal housing, and develop the pasture and forage area within the 7.5 months of training before the livestock are distributed.


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