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Apayao PLGU distributes ducks to address malnutrition and provide livelihood

Flora, Apayao - To help fight malnutrition in the province while providing yApayaos a source of income, the local government of Apayao will be distributing ducks among its municipalities.

The program, as mentioned by the Apayao Public Information Office, is part of the province’s nutrition program which aims to address malnutrition among children aged 5 and under, likewise to provide their families with livelihood.

The duck distribution is a collaboration of four offices of the provincial government – the Provincial Health Office (PHO), the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVET), the Provincial Office for Agriculture Services (OAS), and the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO).

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023, the municipality of Flora, which listed the highest malnutrition rate in the province with 22.25 percent of children’s total population, became the first town to benefit from said program.

A total of 75 undernourished children received 5 ducks each on said day.

According to Mark Joleen M. Calban, Provincial Health Office Officer, the agency selected ducks as a supplement to the children’s nutrition needs since they are a great source of protein and can also provide their families a good source of income.

"Ducks kasi is one protein source for malnourished children. They can also lay eggs, which contain protein. A source of income could also help these people achieve food security, to make it more sustainable," he explained.

As for the fund, the budget will be taken from Apayao’s Nutrition Fund.

Said program shall likewise benefit the province’s other municipalities in the coming days.



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