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Apayao showcases products, attractions thru grand festival booths

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Looking for an all-in-one tourist spot – one site where you can have a glimpse of Apayao’s tourism destinations and products? Visit Apayao during its 28th founding anniversary.

For this year’s Say-am Festival, festival booths of the seven municipalities have been erected at the trade fair site at Payanan, San Gregorio, Luna.

With lots of prizes at stake coming from the provincial government, local government units really gave much effort into building their booths as seen in their creative designs giving visitors a picturesque view.

Contingents were earlier asked to construct semi-permanent booth and dress it with their products and landscape with lights depicting the municipality's tourist attractions.

Sta. Marcela’s booth

Would you like to see the mystic Bacut Lake in Sta. Marcela which is home to some freshwater aquatic animals and is good for boating, kayaking meditation, and swimming?

The lake’s duplicate can be seen in their booth, not as beautiful as the actual lake but you can imagine what it looks like by just checking on their booth. It is likewise designed with local produce and products in the area such as palay and corn.

For its product, you can buy a variety of food products, root crops, among others.


For Calanasan, their booth is conceptualized using the design of 'alang' - a Cordilleran hut used as storage of harvested rice. Products include rice, coffee, etag (dried meat), beads, and wine.


Home for the Kabinnulig Festival, theirs is a bamboo-made booth filled with a variety of ornamental plants perfect for ‘plantitas’. It likewise depicts Pinsal Falls.

Products that can be bought include a variety of handicrafts - from baskets to wall decorations, food products, wine, woven products, rice, coconut, root crops, and vegetables.


Conner engraved the word ‘Seal of Good Local Governance awardee’ in their booth, being a recipient of said award. Their design meantime was inspired by the new design of their municipal hall's building, the Anito Cave, Anito Falls, and their mining industry.

Home to the Fruit basket festival, their products are mostly fruits and industrial crops.


For Pudtol, their booth depicts what the house of the Isnag looks like and the ruins of Mataguisi church – a church built in the 16th century and one of the remaining historical landmarks in the province.

Products there, meantime, include honey, pineapple wine, coffee, rice coffee handicrafts, and furniture.


Luna is home to the famous Lussok Crystal Cave, Manacota Caves, and Underground River, and Bayugao Falls, thus, their design depicted those tourist sites. Products sold at their booth include handicrafts, root crops, fruits, and a variety of food products.


Kabugao, just like Pudtol depicts the traditional Isnag house - which according to them, is one of the sturdiest Filipino houses.

As to products, visitors may buy their root crops, coconut, corn, rice, cabbages carrots, and woven baskets.

The site has been initially opened on February 6 but its grand opening will be on February 10, in time with this year’s float parade competition.


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