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Apayao weavers upgrade products to boost marketability

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Pudtol, Apayao – To improve their products increasing competitive edge in the market, 12 ‘inabel’ weavers in Pudtol, Apayao participated in a 3-day Skills Training on Embroidery and Beading.

Apayao weaving is known for its designs and quality cloth, seen as a potential income-generating activity and means to uphold the province’s cultural identity.

The training was conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry of Apayao through the Negosyo Center with the collaboration of their Local Government Unit and Agguimangan Agro-Eco Tourism Farm held on September 20-22, 2022 in Barangay Swan, Pudtol.

According to DTI-Apayao, this will help weavers improve their products by adding designs that could attract more buyers not only in the locality but also in other neighboring places.

Alice Diki, owner of Donsan's Weaving in Bulanao, Kalinga, was invited to impart her skill and knowledge during the training.

Diki relayed to Guru Press Cordillera that she taught the weavers the process and techniques for designing their weaving garments through beading and embroidery to add beauty to their products.

“Training regarding beading and embroidery, insurok ngay nu kasano nga maikkan ti beauty na dagidiay weaving designs da through beading ken embroidery. For instance, diay plain nga sack kuma ket inikkan mi ti beads jay tip na tapnu mayat to kita na. Tapnu ti kasdiay ket agkainteres ngay ti tao ti native products da, saying mayat gayam,” said Diki.

As a micro-entrepreneur, Diki encouraged the weavers to continue and enhance the skills they acquired in the training to improve their products and to gain more income.

“Dapat itultuloy da tapnu makita ti result ken progress na ken to enhance their skills on that matter. So, nu enhance to skill da dita nga ar-aramiden da, more income tu ti maala da,” she added.

The Negosyo Center Program which started in 2014 seeks to strengthen Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to create more job opportunities as well as to help stimulate entrepreneurship development of MSMEs and to contribute substantially to boosting the Philippine economy.


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