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‘Aramiden tayo ti batang tayo’- Gov. Tubban to the public on combatting COVID-19

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Governor, Engr. Ferdinand B. Tubban underscored the importance of having the public do their part in taking appropriate precautions and following the protocols provided by the local authorities to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in the province.

The governor reiterated this during the Provincial Health Board meeting on September 23, 2021.

The board recommended to improve the strategies and approach but Tubban affirmed the significant role of the residents in the fight against the dreaded virus.

“Definitely, we need to strengthen the district hospitals, ngem datayo met lang amin ti agtitinnulong babaen ti panangaramid ti batang tayo. Masapul nga agmaymaysa ti protocols and regulations kasta met nga maipakaawat dagiti pagannuratan kadagiti pasyentes tayo,” Tubban stated through his Facebook post.

He then called for the community to ‘try to carry one another’s burden until we get through all these troubles.’

Kalinga Bed Occupancy rate now at 94.96%

Provincial Information Office reported that as of September 20, 2021, there are only 13 unoccupied beds out of 258 established beds in 9 Temporary Treatment Monitoring Facilities.

This is equivalent to a 94.96-bed occupancy rate resulting in the province being classified under a high epidemic risk level.

The board revealed that of the confined COVID-19 cases, 195 are with mild symptoms and some are asymptomatic while 50 are suspects or probable cases.

In response, Local Finance Committee Chairman George Ban-os recommended the consolidation of the list of medical supplies that are insufficient to hospitals managed by the provincial government.

Governor Tubban along with Provincial Legal Officer, Atty. Ken Emery Martinez likewise “proposed the drafting of a memorandum of agreement between the oxygen tank supplier and the PLGU to facilitate a timely and unhampered supply of needed care for admitted COVID-19 patients to the different district hospitals in the province.”


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