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Baguio City Council authorizes Legal Office to sue irresponsible dog owners

Baguio City, Philippines – Baguio City council has authorized the City Legal Office to take legal action against irresponsible pet owners in the city when there are no offended parties involved.

This shall reduce erring dog owners and problems that may cause by unattended dogs.

The authorization was done through the resolution passed by Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda, which was approved by the council.

Based on the report of the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Baguio, Tabanda relayed reports from welfare groups in Baguio City about irresponsible pet ownership, which include dog owners refusing to claim their dogs at the city pound.

Some dogs left unclaimed have been reported to be in need of medical attention.

The councilor asserted that while there are offices whose task is to apprehend violators, it is the responsibility of the city government to take legal action against violators when there are no offended private parties involved.

The City Legal Office, in coordination with the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office, can now sue violators of Ordinance No. 19 Series of 2021 or the Responsible Dog Ownership Ordinance of Baguio City in the absence of offended private entities.

“This willful and conscious negligence puts a heavy burden on the community and the city government in the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for all,” the councilor stated.

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