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Baguio City grapples with acute gastroenteritis outbreak, 1,602 cases reported

Baguio City, Philippines – Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has officially declared an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis during the latest Ugnayang Panlungsod press briefing, reported the City Public Information Office.


Acute Gastroenteritis involves the sudden inflammation of the stomach and intestines, leading to acute diarrhea accompanied by various symptoms indicating gastrointestinal involvement. This condition can be triggered by chemical toxins, stress, or infectious agents.


As of 11 a.m. today, Jan. 10, 2024, the City Health Service Office (CHSO) has documented a total of 1,602 incident reports, affecting 218 establishments and 80 households.


In response, Mayor Magalong has swiftly initiated intensified measures to combat this health emergency. The measures include extensive testing of water sources, encompassing water delivery companies and deep wells, to identify potential sources of contamination.


In an effort to expedite the investigation and pinpoint the cause of this surge, the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) investigators are collaborating with the CHSO and personnel from the Baguio Water District, intensifying data collection and water testing operations.


To mitigate further risks, food establishments are strongly advised against serving tap and filtered water, opting instead to provide purified water to customers.


Additionally, households are encouraged to utilize purified or boiled tap water and to bring their own water when dining out.