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Baguio tourism lobbies for 'No vaccine, No negative Covid-test, NO ENTRY'

Baguio City, Philippines – Entry of fully vaccinated tourists or tourists with negative Covid-19 test result to Baguio City is now being asked by the Baguio Tourism Council from the city government.

In a resolution signed this October 4, the council mentioned that tight lockdowns have damaged the economy and that it resulted in job and livelihood losses.

However, with the vaccination of around 40 million individuals in the country, including hundred percent of the tourism and economic sector frontliners and the presence of antigen or RT-PCR tests that may screen unvaccinated people before entering Baguio, the economy may be revived without excessively burdening the health care system.

“The presentation of the Vaccination Cards and/or the Negative RT-PCR test would be perfect balance to revive the economy while not unduly burdening the health care system,” the council wrote.

With this, the Baguio Tourism Council appeals to the City Government of Baguio to allow the entry of tourists who are fully vaccinated or tourists with negative antigen and/or RT-PCR result taken within 48 hours from travel.

Additionally, should be approved, these tourists must register at the ‘Visita App’ and must present a valid QTP before entry to Baguio. Also, they must personally appear at the Baguio City Central Triage for screening.

Lastly, for the hotel capacity, it must be limited to 30%.

Meantime, as of this writing, non-essential travels to Baguio City regardless of quarantine classification are still suspended until further notice.

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