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  • Kristel Cawas Baruzo

Balbalan Mayor Gonayon supports VM Agapito against awarding of government contracts to dummies

Poblacion, Balbalan – Mayor Eric Gonayon Sr. supports the warning of Vice Mayor Winifredo Agapito to withdraw funding of Balbalan Local Government Unit (LGU) infrastructure projects if the contracts are investigated and found to be awarded to dummies of government officials or employees.

During the LGU’s Monday regular flag ceremony, November 23, 2020, Gonayon related, that the vice mayor reminded employees who are going to participate in biddings; the latter will not sign nor endorse it for the 2021 budgeting.

“I support dijay statement ni vice mayor ta against the law dagijay nga activities isu nga isu metlang ti nai-announce ko idi kalman kadagiti leaders ken empleyado,” Gonayon said.

Earlier, LGU Balbalan through their press release on social media stated that Vice Mayor Agapito and the Balbalan Sangguniang Bayan (SB) shall be passing a resolution as a process to defund illicit projects as the SB stands as the authorizing body in funding programs and projects which requires financial obligation.

Agapito likewise mentioned about bidders who cast their bids lower than the standard operable amount set by the Engineering Office in order to win the bidding process which result in low quality work and low quality output.

“Such ‘modus operandi’ by them will deprive the participation of legitimate contractors in the bidding process that can be more reliable in terms of accountability for good quality performance for infra projects,” Agapito said.

Under the revised implementing rules and regulation of Philippine Republic Act 9184, any public officer conspiring with private individuals participating in a public bidding using the name of another or allowing another to use one’s name for the purpose of participating in a public bidding shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than six (06) years and one (01) day but not more than fifteen (15) years.

Pursuant to said RA, bidders that partake with unlawful bidding may be subjected to sanctions and grounds for blacklisting and may be suspended from participating in public bidding processes. “In addition to the penalty of suspension, the bid security posted by the concerned bidder or prospective bidder shall also be forfeited.”



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