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Barangay in Tabuk City enforces ‘no stray dogs’ ordinance

Tabuk City, Kalinga―Barangay Dagupan Centro in Tabuk City has started intensifying the implementation of its barangay ordinance against stray dogs following the death of a rider due to a road accident caused by a dog.

All dogs caught shall be taken to the barangay’s impounding area and be redeemed by their owners.

Barangay Ordinance No.2, a localized City Ordinance of Dagupan Centro, aims at controlling the spread of rabies and stray animals in the city, but for a time has not been strictly implemented.

The barangay ordinance imposes a fine of P500.00 to the following: pet owners who fail or refuse to have their dog registered and immunized, any person found guilty of administering “tandok” to a dog bite victims, and pet owners who refuse to tie or leash their dogs inside their homes.

Appeal of Esteras to residents

Punong Barangay George Esteras asked for the support and cooperation of residents to help in the effective implementation of the ordinance to serve its purpose and reduce accidents caused by stray animals.

The barangay, he said, shall enforce the ordinance not only to avoid accidents caused by unleashed animals but also to keep the streets clean.

“Awan gamin serbi nu diyay ordinance ma-implement tapos agsubli da met lang, masapol nga adda ti cooperation tapno maawis tayo ti amin a residente pati sabali a barangay. Ta daytoy iparikna mi nga adda ti ordinance, dapat ipakita da met a makipagmaysa da ditoy nga ordinansya tayo,” Esteras added.

As of today, there were three impounded canine in an enclosure located at the barangay hall compound.


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