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‘Be worthy of our heroes’ legacy’- Gov. Tubban during 124th Independence Day

Tabuk City, Kalinga – During the observance of the 124th Independence Day, Governor Ferdinand Tubban told the people of Kalinga to ‘be worthy of our heroes’ legacy by doing whatever we can do, not only for ourselves but for the good of all.’

Tubban’s message was delivered by Provincial Administrator William Puday Jr. in front of many government employees who joined the commemoration at the Tabuk City Hall.

Ensure that the sacrifices will not be in vain

Recalling the historic June 12, 1898 when the nation’s banner was first raised in Kawit, Cavite, the outgoing governor paid tribute to the forbearers who fought for the independence and sovereignty of the Filipinos.

“More than a century had been gone since we reclaim our independence, but the story of bravery and heroism of our forefathers shall forever inspire us to hold on to our aspirations for a Brighter Tomorrow and continue to cherish the freedoms that we enjoy,” Tubban stated.

The governor stressed that while the people can never repay the priceless sacrifices of the nation’s patriots and heroes, ‘the least that we can do is to see to it that the sacrifices they bestowed upon will not be in vain.’

Join in the shared task of uplifting the marginalized sector

Tubban called on his fellow public servants to join him in their shared task of uplifting the well-being of the people and looking at their welfare, especially in the poor and marginalized sector.

“As we continue with our journey, may we use the gift of freedom to lawfully work for the betterment of our lives because it is through our own efforts that we can be liberated from the foes of this life…Hand in hand we must march towards a peaceful and progressive Philippines,” added the outgoing governor.

Serve as channels of blessings to others

Tubban further underscored that ‘it is not only through armament that we can overcome and become victorious, but by serving as channels and instruments of blessings for others, we can be called modern heroes, for this is the very essence of this historic day.’


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