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Bestfriend of newly-elected village captain shot dead in Bucay, Abra

Bucay, Abra – A man found lying beside the road who was first thought to be a victim of a vehicular accident turned out to be a victim of a shooting incident.

The victim, a 68-year-old man, was discovered lying by the side of the road at Sitio Dardarawas, Pagala, Bucay, Abra, along with his motorcycle at 10 p.m. of Nov. 01.

Concerned citizens reported what they saw to the police, thinking it was caused by a road accident.

When police arrived at the area, it was then that they discovered the victim identified as Silverio Lumaoig had a wound on his head.

They called the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) to investigate and later confirmed that the victim was indeed a victim of a shooting incident.

Prior to the crime, the family of the victim disclosed that the elderly left their home at 4:00 p.m. on said date.

He was also seen on a drinking spree at the house of the newly-elected barangay captain in their place.

It was when he was about to head home that he was shot by an unknown perpetrator.

Residents near the area disclosed they also heard a gunshot that night.

On the motive of the crime, the families of the victim disclosed that Lumaoig was never involved in a fight nor had an enemy when he was still alive. The victim did not also receive a threat.

However, they relayed that the victim was a known supporter of the newly-elected barangay captain.

Police are yet to confirm if the incident is related to said issue. Investigation of the case is ongoing to establish the motive of the crime and identify who the suspects are.



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