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BFAR-CAR heightens efforts for fish sufficiency in the region

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – The regional Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) intensified its campaign to achieve fish sufficiency in Cordillera through the Fish Conservation Week held from September 12 to 16.

The bureau acknowledged the lack of fish supply in the region, thus the need to strengthen the fishery sector.

In his interview with People's Television Network - Cordillera, OIC Chief of Fisheries Management and Regulation Division Dennis F. De Vera said they want to educate the public on the importance of fish as an “essential commodity” in the country and as a major source of protein.

The bureau, during Fish Conservation Week, conducted various activities contributing to the realization of said goal. Among the activities done include the clean-up drive in the rivers, tree-planting, and releasing fingerlings in the main river system of the region.

Another event was the cooking contest participated by the junior high school, showcasing indigenous and endemic fish species as special delicacies. The bureau believes that the youth play a significant role in fish conservation efforts.

Further, BFAR-CAR held a creative costume contest dubbed as the “FISHONISTA” and the fish move dance contest or “ISDANCE.”

According to De Vera, fish conservation is “not only a function of the bureau but a function of each and every individual.”

The public is then called by the bureau to protect the aquatic natural resources by practicing responsible fishing, disposing of trash properly, and increasing clean-up efforts, among others.

This year’s celebration centered on the theme, “Pagkain ng Bansa Siguruhin, Likas-Kayang Produksyon ng Isda Isulong Natin.”


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