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BFAR-Kalinga, Tanudan LGU celebrate 58th Fish Conservation week planting trees at future hatchery

Tanudan, Kalinga – With the plan to develop Magimit Demonstration Farm into a hatchery, the Local Government of Tanudan together with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Kalinga on September 17, 2021, celebrated the 58th Fish Conservation Week through planting trees in the area.

The tree planting activity resulted in the planting of 180 seedlings of jackfruit and mahogany, which were requested from the office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Kalinga.

Having more trees in the area can assure provisions of fruits as well as protection apart from conservation of biodiversity and prevention of soil erosion.

In an interview, Provincial Fishery Officer Joyce Ducyogen said that the activity was conceptualized with their goal to develop the LGU-owned farm in Mabaca into a hatchery farm due to the strong demand for fingerlings by Tanudan fisherfolk.

“In-coordinate mi iti LGU idiay farm nga property ti LGU nga ma-develop nga hatchery kasi idi napan kami mi ket medyo awan mula na ket tapnu as a start, we will develop it as a hatchery in coordination with the LGU ta nagadu ti requirement da ita ti fingerlings idiay,” she said.

Tanudan fisherfolk, as recalled, have been benefiting from pond culture livelihood packages by the agency consist of fingerlings, feeds and fish harvesting equipment.

Celebration of the Fish Conservation Month

The celebration of the fish conservation month or the Maritime and Archipelagic Awareness Month, Ducyogen said, aims to focus the public attention on the vital role of the maritime industry in the development of the global economy.

“Prino-promote natin to tapnu maamwan met ti tao nu anya ti essence met iti fish it pangbiag da tapos sa mga private at local government units naman, to take the lead na pangalagaan yung mga fishery resources natin kasi may malaki ang importansiya nito sa buhay natin, uray bassit man lang ket, adda latta ti impact na iti biag iti tau,” she said.


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