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COMELEC - Tinglayan holds mock poll, advises voters on May 9 to follow instructions

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Tinglayan, Kalinga – In preparation for the May 09, 2022 polls, the Commission on Elections of Tinglayan conducted mock elections on April 11, 2022 at the Municipal Tribal Gymnasium.

Municipal Information Officer Larae Lactao said that the event served as a public test to check how the voting machine responds to shaded ballots.

The office, in a press release, stated that to test the machine, some voters intentionally overvoted or shaded less than the maximum numbers allowed for the positions, and undervoted or shaded more candidates than the number of candidates they are permitted to vote for to see the results.

When overvoted, the machine did not count the choices marked by the voter. However, those ballots with undervotes were read by the machine and counted the shaded choices.

Meanwhile, ballots that were submitted more than once were detected by the machine as duplicated ballots.

The machine will not process torn ballots and those with fiducial marks.

To ensure that the voters’ ballots will be read this May 09 elections, the commission cautioned the public to check their ballots upon receipt and to shade them properly.

“Make sure na hindi nila ma-damage or ma-torn yung ballot or no unnecessary writing especially on the timing mark, and fiducial mark, yung QR codes. At saka yung shading at least 50% yung nai-shade. As much as possible wag nilang i-try subukan yung check, X or yung half-shade. Just stick to the proper shading,” Venus Wandas, the COMELEC Officer stated.

For everyone’s safety, the voters are advised to follow minimum public health protocols such as wearing of face mask and regular sanitation during the voting period.


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