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Construction of P1M hanging bridge in Pangol, Tanudan underway

Tanudan, Kalinga – A 48-meter hanging bridge in Sitio Cabugao, Pangol that will connect the community to the main road and other places is now under construction.

The said bridge was allotted with P1 million funding from the 20% municipal fund of Tanudan Local Government Unit, says Municipal Engineer, Mike Tongnawa.

Tongnawa mentioned that in order for the people in Sitio Cabugao to reach the Philippine Rural Development Project(PRDP) road in Barangay Pangol which connects to Mabaca and in order for them to go to other areas, they have to cross the river.

He added that there are alternative routes such as the bridge in Sitio Liyang, but they have to walk around 4 kilometers. This is why the constituents opt to just cross the river instead. During the rainy season, the community can't cross the river due to high water level.

“Agballasiw da iti karayan nga mapan idiay bangir isu nga kailangan iti foot bridge piman ta nu pinagtutudo garud nga dakkel iti danum talaga nga haan da nga makaballasiw, mapan da agbiruk iti pagballasiwan da ngem 2 kilometers… ken 4 kilometers nga distance,” he said.

“San tu dagiay farm inputs da, haan da maiballasiw nu dakkel iti danum ta awan garud iti pagnaan da ta adda da garud idiay bangir,” he added.

With the ongoing construction of the Cabugao hanging bridge, the people will no longer have to worry about crossing the river or about walking about 4 kilometers just to go to the other side of their community.

As of this writing, the bridge’s two posts are already done.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag, in a statement, conveyed that he will continuously try to source out funds and to allot the limited IRA of Tanudan for projects that will address the immediate need of his constituents.

“Amin nga kailangan or immediate need ti constituents or nasasakupak nga munisipyu ket aramidek ti kabaelak nga mangaramid ken mangited habang kaya tayo ken habang umanay ti bassit nga IRA share tayo. Daytoy ket ti kasta haan marigatan dagiti tattao ditoy Tanudan,” he said.

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