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CPP-NPA forces in Kalinga weakening, says 503rd IB Commander

Tabuk City, Kalinga –The forces of the Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army(CPP-NPA) in the province were observed to have weakened, says 503rd Infantry Brigade commander, Colonel Santiago Enginco.

During the 2nd Kalinga Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting on June 11, the 503rd reported a decline in non-violent activities of CPP-NPA from 55 last quarter to 33 this 2nd quarter. The observed non-violent activities, as the commander cited, are mainly logistics activities like transport of food from the community.

As to violent activities, there was an encounter on March 15 that led to the neutralization of a high ranking NPA couple in Kalinga.

Reasons on the decline of CPP-NPA force

In an interview, Enginco said the reason behind the decline of the CPP-NPA force is attributed to direct military action that leads to the death of their comrades during an encounter.

Another reason, he mentioned, includes the surrender of several members due to fatigue, hunger, and that they have nowhere to hide.

During the 123rd Independence Day on June 12 2021, around 127 rebels and supporters, who went underground biding their time, renounced their support to the CPP-NPA and took an oath of allegiance to the government.

“’Yun pa lang ang update kasi four months talaga biglang kumunti na ‘yung activities nila within Kalinga, kaya di na namin masyado nao-observe ‘yung kanilang mga activities especially in big groups, usually very filtered na at very clear na,” he said.

Enginco hopes that the rebels who are still in the movement will lay their weapons down and return to the government to finally achieve a peaceful and productive life.


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