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Work of Criminology student from Cagayan shines on international stage

Updated: Jan 8

Cagayan, Philippines - Ynann Novien, a talented second-year Criminology student at Cagayan State University (CSU) Carig Campus, has captured global attention with his craftsmanship.


His "beaded green gown" became the spotlight of Sierra Leone's representation at the prestigious Miss Earth 2023 event held in Vietnam in December 2023.


The gown, meticulously crafted by Novien for Mary Juliet Kanessie, Miss Earth Sierra Leone 2023, showcased his artistic prowess and dedication.


Hailing from Allacapan, Cagayan, his intricate embroidery and design not only adorned the stunning attire but also carried a profound message of hope and aspiration.


In a heartfelt Facebook post, Novien shared the inspiring narrative behind his embroidery, referring to it as "Namnama" or “Pag-asa” in Filipino—a symbol of hope that fuels his aspirations.

"As I am making this gown, I always think that dreams are meant for me, with the hope I rely on, Lahat ng "Sana" ko ay natutupad at patuloy akong makakaroon ng pag-asa na tuparin lahat ng pangarap ko. Kung may pangarap ka may mararating ka at kung may pangarap ka may kinabukasan ka," expressed the passionate young creator.


Novien's vision transcends borders as the Pakistani-based gown is set to grace another stage.


His dedication and commitment to his craft exemplify the potential for Filipino creatives to make an impact on the world stage.


His story inspires countless individuals to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination and optimism, reinforcing the belief that dreams, when fueled by hope, pave the way for a promising future.