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CVMC chief appointed as DOH undersecretary

Cagayan, Philippines – New duty awaits Cagayan Valley Medical Center chief as he ascends as the new Department of Health Undersecretary.


Recently, Dr. Glenn Mathew Baggao was appointed by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to the said position, promoting Baggao after 6 years of being the medical center chief of CVMC.


Among Baggao’s notable accomplishments within the 6 years includes his 10-year hospital development plan which covers improvement of buildings, facilities, and medical equipment at CVMC. This aims at providing better services to the public.


Under his leadership, CVMC likewise opened specialty centers like the Cancer Center, Acute Stroke Unit, Cardiovascular Unit, Pulmonary Unit, Molecular Laboratory, among others.


Further, it was also described that during Baggao’s stint as the medical center chief, patients’ access to emergency room and out patient department services were made easier.


The DOH Cagayan Valley, in a Facebook post, wrote that Baggao’s appointment as Undersecretary is a manifestation of his dedication, hard work, and track record. The agency added that Baggao’s efforts advanced CVMC’s status as a DOH hospital.


“DOH Cagayan Valley wishes him continued success in his new role, where his action-oriented leadership will undoubtedly make a positive impact on public health,” DOH Cagayan Valley expressed.