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Death of poultry in Amulung, Cagayan may not be due to bird flu

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Amulung, Cagayan – There have been sudden deaths of poultry animals in the Municipality of Amulung in Cagayan with chickens, ducks, and geese just dropping dead, sparking alarm of possible avian flu infection.

The Provincial Veterinary Office, in their conduct of blood sample tests, however, showed the animals tested negative for the Avian Influenza virus (bird flu).

Bird flu, a viral respiratory disease mainly of poultry and certain other bird species, can be transmitted directly to humans. Bird flu caused the deaths of many avian animals in the country in the past, hitting the chicken industry.

According to Dr. Noli Buen, as reported by Cagayan Provincial Information Office on Friday, July 15, 2022, the incident in the municipality of Amulung happened in previous months but was not immediately reported to their office.

The number of dead chickens, ducks, and geese is yet to be determined by the PVET.

Blood samples were collected by the PVET from live poultry in Barangays Bayabat, La Sueste, Logung, Baculod, Unag, Annabuculan, Nangalassauan, Manalo, and Dadda.

Buen said 15 blood samples from Bayabat and La Suerte came out negative, while results for 52 other samples are yet to be released.

"Makikipag-koordinasyon pa rin tayo sa Municipal Agriculturist ng Amulung para sa nasabing mga report,” Buen stated.

He urged the public not to be hesitant and report immediately to their office if their chicken, ducks, or any other avian pets get sick or die in order for the office to provide proper action.

After its neighbor province Isabela recorded its first bird flu case in April 2022, Cagayan installed inter-checkpoints and surveillance to keep the province safe from the virus.

The checkpoint is still being imposed to protect poultry animals in the locality.



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