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'Delivery gone wrong or connivance': the story of ukay-ukay delivery rider and the defrauded buyer

Sometimes deliveries can go wrong, and it can be worse when, as a rider, you get involved in a modus operandi because you are the transporter. This is the experience of a delivery rider from Isabela who was brought to the police station in Bulanao, Tabuk City for having been accused as an accomplice to a fraud.

The allegation came after he failed to deliver the correct order of a teacher in Tabuk City buying ukay-ukay for the second time.

The rider claimed he is only a delivery man and has no idea with the content of the item he picks up and delivers, explaining that he has no personal connections with the online seller.

What’s the story?

Pasuyo Riders Santiago (PRS) posted a message asking for justice to their rider who was said to have been held by the police and was asked to pay P6,000 for a problematic delivery. The post explained that the PRS was contacted by a seller to pick up a box of ‘ukay-ukay’ in Roxas and deliver it to Bulanao Tabuk.

PRS said they paid for the item and delivered to Tabuk. Little did they know that there was an existing problem between the seller and the buyer and that they would be the target of an entrapment plan. The alleged entrapment was seen as a solution to the solve the wrong doing of the seller in their previous transaction.

When the PRS rider arrived he was taken to and held at the Bulanao Market Police Station where he was made to pay for the wrong which occurred in the previous transaction between the seller and the buyer.

PRS said they are wondering why the police allowed this kind of situation and asked what kind of case could be filed, if there is, against the police who did it.

The post went viral.

Rider’s side of the story

In a phone interview, the rider explained that he picked up the item from a warehouse, the seller’s supplier in Roxas and proceeded to Tabuk City to drop the parcel.

When he was already in Bulanao, he was surprised when the receiver suddenly called him out for being a fraud after finding out that the item’s code was not the same with the one they ordered.

They further accused him for being an accomplice of the seller who turned out to have sent the wrong order to the buyer for the second time with a P6,000 unreimbursed money from previous transaction.

With this, they brought him to the police. He said he tried to explain that he is only a rider and has nothing to do with the order because after the seller booked to their team for delivery, they will only pick-up the item from the seller’s supplier.

The rider added that he was told they will file a case of Estafa against him if he does not pay the P6,000. Due to fear, he used the P6,150 money paid to him by a buyer in Nambaran to reimburse the money.

“Siyempre sa takot ko na lang ma’am, siyempre baka kasuhan ako ng Estafa ma’am, hindi na ako makauwi ma’am. Siyempre may pamilya po ako, kailangan po ako ng pamilya ko ma’am,” he said.

When asked if the police detained him, he said, “hindi naman ma’am.”

The statement of the Tabuk Police

In a separate interview with Tabuk City Chief of Police, PLtCol Radino Belly said the buyer invited the delivery rider to the police station to seek assistance for the identification of the seller whom they claimed as a scammer.

She relayed to the police that she ordered a box of pre-loved (ukay-ukay) clothes worth P6,000 online in April. However, when it was delivered in Tabuk, it was her father-in-law who received it because she was at work. When she came home and opened the item, it was not the one she ordered because they were rugs.

She contacted the seller who reasoned that the delivery rider picked the wrong item. But then, after a month, the seller didn’t reimburse the money and had been constantly giving alibis. The buyer then asked her niece to purchase a similar box from the seller to prove that the dealer is legit, but when it arrived, she was given the wrong item again.

Belly added that the rider volunteered to pay the P6,000. After which, the people involved made a written agreement at the police station to settle the situation.

“Idiay en a nagaramid da iti kasuratan ngem isuda lang, isuda lang nagaramid haan nga kino-coach iti pulis diay. Isuda lang iti nagaramid,” he said, stressing that they did not arrest the rider and what took them long at the police station was the written agreement.

The Chief of Police added that once they identified the name of the seller, appropriate charges shall be filed against him/her. Moreover, they are also looking into the possibility of connivance between the rider and the seller.


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