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‘Disaster response in Kalinga will improve with Cordillera RDRRMC Logistic Hub’ - Cong. Mangaoang

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang expressed confidence that the establishment of a Cordillera Regional Disaster Risk Resilience Management Council Warehouse and Logistics Hub in Kalinga would soon improve the province’s disaster response efforts.

The solon is optimistic that the facility would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivered services in times of calamities and disasters.

During the groundbreaking ceremony of the said edifice, Mangaoang pointed that in landlocked geography, ‘large-scale’ disaster leaves massive damages, especially in high-risk areas where quick relief is critical in helping communities cope with the effects of catastrophe.

Mangaong further mentioned that pre-disaster planning is important to speed up the delivery of relief items and to efficiently allocate the required relief assistance to affected areas. He pointed that the time between the strike of disaster and the relief items’ arrival must be well planned and strategized, and with the proximity of the logistic hub, delivery of services is expected to be quicker.

“There is a need to improve the prepositioning of relief supplies by developing a pre-positioning strategy with the aim to reduce gaps and overlaps in emergency preparedness and to optimize the use of funds and resources,” he said.

Mangaoang asserted that all of these objectives could now be attained with the construction of the Cordillera RDRRMC Warehouse and Logistics Hub.

“With the realization of this, and with the inevitability of natural disasters, I am confident the next distress call will be responded in improved time,” he stressed.

Mangaoang concluded his message, reminding that resiliency is the only way forward to cope and manage the consequences of climate change, global warming, unpredictable weather patterns, and natural disasters.

This August 27, 2021, Regional and Provincial Officials led the groundbreaking of the P25 million Cordillera Regional Disaster Risk Resilience Management Council Warehouse and Logistics Hub in the province, the first disaster logistic hub to be established in the region.


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