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Establishment of Kalinga Sports Training Center sought

Tabuk City, Kalinga – To provide athletes in Kalinga Province with decent facilities that help hone their skills and become world class talents, Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang filed a bill seeking the establishment of Kalinga Sports Training Center in Tabuk City.

“With the measure, the government can expand its support to the athletes and potential athletes, by giving them easy access to proper venue, facilities, equipment, and appropriate training programs that will complement their determination and will further enhance their competence,” explained Mangaoang.

Under House Bill No. 2011, the Kalinga solon stated that the center shall be constituted as the primary sports training center for athletes, both professionals and amateur, coaches and other sports personnel in the province and its neighboring areas.

Improvement of existing sports facilities

Section 2 of the proposed bill provides that the provincial government shall duly coordinate with Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) for the necessary steps that shall be undertaken to upgrade, improve and modernize existing facilities, equipment, and personnel and integrate them into the newly created sports training center.

Essential training programs, appropriate tournaments, and competitions, as well as the system by which the facilities, shall be maintained and managed in order to accomplish the objectives and purposes of the measure.

Upon the bill’s approval, the Chairman of the PSC shall immediately include in their program the necessary funding requirements of the Kalinga Sports Training Center.

In addition, grants and endowments may be obtained from local or foreign sources intended for sports development.

The same commission shall promulgate the necessary rules and regulations for the implementation of act within 90 days after its enactment into law.

The bill filed by the solon on July 14, 2022, is currently pending with the Committee on Youth and Sports Development of the 19th Congress since August 02, 2022.


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