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“Everyone can contribute to good, clean and fair food thru choice”-Pasil Mayor Malannag Jr.

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Pasil, Kalinga – As the municipality of Pasil, Kalinga celebrates its Slow Food Festival 2022 from December 09 to 10, 2022, Mayor Alfredo “Chao-ig” Malannag Jr. stressed everyone can contribute to good, clean, and fair food through his or her own choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Good, clean, and fair quality, he said, is pledged for a better future, at the same time an act of civilization, and a tool to improve the food system as it is today.

The said three interconnected principles are the Slow Food Manifesto for Quality which provides people access to enjoy ‘food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.’

By good, it means that a food’s flavor and aroma, recognizable to educated, well-trained senses, is the fruit of the competence of the producer and of choice of raw materials and production methods, which should in no way alter its naturalness, he explained.

“Clean. The environment has to be respected and sustainable practices of farming, animal husbandry, processing, marketing, and consumption should be taken into serious consideration. Every stage in the agro-industrial production chain, consumption included, should protect ecosystems and biodiversity, safeguarding the health of the consumer and the producer,” remarked the mayor.

Food, he further added, must be fair in a way that social justice should be pursued through the creation of conditions of labor respectful of man and his rights and capable of generating adequate rewards through the pursuit of balanced global economies, through the practice of sympathy and solidarity, and through respect for cultural diversities and traditions.

The municipal head took the opportunity to express gratitude to Rowena and her husband Lam-en Gonnay for their efforts in introducing the Slow Food movement in the locality that has contributed much to the people of Pasil, not only in terms of health but prestige as well.

He then called for his constituent to continue practicing Slow Food to safeguard their health and environment, especially so that Pasil is considered a watershed that is contributing water to the City of Tabuk and other neighboring places.


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