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Family of dead barangay health worker in Rizal, Kalinga asks help to settle hospital bills

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Rizal, Kalinga — Left with no other financial source, the family of a Barangay Health Worker in San Francisco, Rizal is asking for financial aid from kind-hearted people in order to settle the remaining bill at a hospital in Tuguegarao City.

The family said they were given just two weeks to raise P187,000.00. At first, the family was not allowed to bring home the body until the amount was fully paid.

Alma Tubban, 45, passed away on July 22 due to a hemorrhagic stroke and bleeding in the brain.

The BHW’s condition started with a simple headache on July 18. Nevertheless, the simple headache, after taking medicine and resting, didn’t go away as it turned out to be a more serious medical problem.

According to Alma’s best friend and close relative, Remelyn Tiggangay, Alma complained about throbbing in her head on July 18, which the barangay health worker attributed to her getting soaked in the rain while on the way back home to Rizal from Tabuk City the previous day.

The headache turning into something worse

Alma was brought to a hospital in town on July 19 after she started throwing up.

Remelyn recounted that her friend was still able to talk to her at the hospital. But hours later, while she was being assisted by her husband towards the comfort room for her urine sample, she started vomiting, followed by a loud cry of pain due to her pounding head.

At that exact moment, Alma had a seizure until she lost consciousness. It was then they took the risk to rush her to a hospital in Tuguegarao despite no assurance that she could make it to the city.

Alma’s vital sign was said to be stable. However, it was revealed in her CT scan that a vein in her head ruptured.

The BHW stayed for three days at the hospital, fighting for her life before she passed away on July 22.

Alma is survived by her farmer husband and their four kids.

With no other means to pay the bills of Alma, the family posted on Facebook their plea for any amount from the netizens. However, unscrupulous people took advantage of the situation by calling Alma’s daughter, posing as a staff of a certain TV show to get her details for help.

After the call, around P1,000 was taken away from the GCash of Alma’s daughter.

To help the family, you may directly send donations to accounts below

The hospital bill was around P187,000. With the limited financial source, the family asks the public if they could share a bit of what they have and help them settle the hospital bill. The family said they have no other way but to go to the people and plead.

To those who wish to help, you may send any amount to Ira Mae Paulino through Landbank, SA-3706279660 or through GCash; Ira Mae Paulino, 09551983892.


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