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Gov. Tubban calls for leaders to prioritize the interest of the community on Rizal’s Day

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As the provincial government of Kalinga joins the commemoration of the 125th anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s martyrdom this December 30, Governor Ferdinand Tubban called for fellow leaders to emulate the action of the national hero such that they prioritize serving the interest of the community before their own.

In his message during the ceremony held at Tabuk City Hall, Tubban made emphasis that official leaders and all attendees who lead their family, a sister or a brother if not themselves, are better guided by science, truth, and respect for life. This is in relation to the theme, "Rizal: Para sa Agham, Katotohanan at Buhay" (Rizal: For Science, Truth, and Life).

“I believe that like Jose Rizal, we all love our communities, we all love our country, and we all love our people. And thus, it is important that… as we lead, we have to remember that we serve the interest of our community first before our own,” stressed the governor.

Citing proof that science-based decisions saved the lives of many people in this COVID-19 pandemic, Tubban said leaders should require the contributions of experts and their collaborations, just as the leaders in the past required the contribution of Jose Rizal’s writings to ignite and win the revolution.

Leaders ought to follow the truth

The governor underscored that as public servants, leaders ought to follow the truth and fight for it. The truth, he said, is what benefits the many and not the few.

“The truth is that public service is a public trust… the truth is that when a good leader governs…the people rejoice," added the governor.

What kind of leaders Kalinga need?

According to Tubban, the people of Kalinga need ‘leaders who are not afraid to remind the public and their counterparts to perform their duties as members of the community guided by the truth. This, he said, is because before there are leaders, there is the community where the people belong.

The governor further explained that just like Rizal, who laid down his life to save the lives of more people, the life of the leaders is not their own, but is closely knitted to the people they serve.

“It is unfortunate to see a community where their leaders rejoice and enjoy during the pandemic, while their people suffer alone and unheard,” Tubban said.

Hoping that the life and death of Rizal will rekindle the patriotism and nationalism of the people, the governor encouraged the leaders and the community to ‘work together with one voice, one heart and one walk towards one destination for a better today and for a brighter tomorrow.’

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