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Gov. Tubban praises teachers in Kalinga, tells them not to give up for working hard

Tabuk City, Kalinga – “Please continue to work hard for the brighter tomorrow of our children. Without you, our future shall greatly be at risk. Like the ones on the frontline, you cannot give up. You must stand your ground. Teach hard and teach well,” Governor Ferdinand Tubban said in a message to the Kalinga teachers and workforce.

In his inspirational message during the School-Based Management Congress on December 17, 2021, Tubban encouraged the workforce of the Department of Education to continue doing their job of providing quality teaching and learning to yKalinga learners.

There are about one hundred ninety-seven (197) schools in the province. These are spread across all the districts of Balbalan, Lubuagan, Northern Pinukpuk, Southern Pinukpuk, Pasil, Rizal, Lower Tanudan, Upper Tanudan, and Tinglayan.

“The future of the hope of this province is in your hands,” stressed Tubban.

According to the governor, the responsibility of providing quality education may rest much on institutions, but leaders and the local government are also mandated to work hard for the inclusive development of the community and its people.

He said that the local government also ‘carries the burden on what the institution is providing yKalinga learners in which they are making sure that they extend the needed assistance the government may provide’ especially with the pandemic that the country is facing at the moment.

"We value the education of our children. We believe that education is the solution to poverty and the passport to a better life. It is the panacea to many social ills and an antidote to the curse of ignorance,” Tubban added.

Given the importance of education, the provincial government of Kalinga for this year, Tubban said, has supported several endeavours of the agency citing the monetary assistance, educational equipment and materials, and trainings provided as support to Dep-Ed Kalinga.

Some of PLGU Kalinga's support are the provision of computer printers amounting to P660,000 to the agency distributed to different public primary and secondary schools; capability building seminars and training for public school teachers amounting to 325,000 pesos, support to the wages of PLSB teachers and other personnel of DepEd Kalinga deployed to assist in the distance learning education in the province.

Further, 75 units of printers and 2 units of all-terrain motorcycles were also provided to the agency recently.

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