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How 4 workers from Abra lost their jobs and ventured into poultry production

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Abra, Philippines – After losing their jobs due to the pandemic, four individuals decided to return home and venture into production through the “Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa” program of the government.

To start with their new life in their province, these four beneficiaries were given a total of 65 heads of chicken layer, starter and grower feeds, farming tools, and 15 bags of organic plant supplements by the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office of Cordillera (DA-RFO-CAR) on February 9, 2022.

Added to that, the government will fund to defray expenses in the construction of their chicken layers' housing.

Pandemic displaced many workers causing job losses

In 2020, when the Covid-19 first hit the country and restricted the movement of people, some 4.5 million Filipinos were reported to be jobless. This was said to be the highest unemployment rate in 15 years.

One of those who lost their livelihood due to lockdowns in Manila was Rodolfo Belarmino. He is one of the four beneficiaries of the BP2 in the Province of Abra.

Through Philippine Information Agency Abra, Lorma Belarmino, the wife of Rodolfo, narrated that he was working as a driver in Manila. However, due to lockdowns, he was unable to earn for their daily expenses since people were mandated to stay inside their houses.

With this, their family suffered financially until such time that Lorma pleaded for her husband to come home.

“Sa Manila po nagtratrabaho ang asawa ko bilang driver ngunit noong nag-lockdown na, wala nang pasaheros kaya nawalan siya ng trabaho. Kaya sinabi ko na umuwi nalang dito sa Abra,” she recalled.

With the help of the BP2 program, Belarmino expects that they can sustain their family’s daily needs. She added that she and her husband plan to grow their poultry production and that they plan to further engage in entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rosemarie Tesoro, Agriculture Program Coordinating Office Head, hopes that the starter kits will give beneficiaries new hope and provide for their needs.


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