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Kalinga health professionals provide free health checkup to Tinglayan elderlies

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Buscalan, Tinglayan – Driven by their advocacy of helping the elderly, a group of medical workers in Kalinga traveled all the way to Buscalan on Friday, Sept. 29, to provide free health checkups to senior citizens in the area.

The event held in time with the celebration of the 66th National Medicine Week was implemented with the collaboration of the local government unit through its municipal health office, the Kalinga Medical Society (KMS), and the Association of Municipal Health Officers of the Philippines—Kalinga (AMHOP).

In an interview with Station 1 Radio, Tinglayan Municipal Health Officer Dr. Aite Caren Liw-agan relayed the activity was an initiative of the two medical workers’ group.

In said activity, the group checked the blood uric acid level of the beneficiaries, their cholesterol, and their blood sugar level, and conducted an electrocardiogram test.

Multivitamins and ascorbic acids were likewise distributed to the elderly.

Apart from said services, some who requested ‘ear piercing’ were also accommodated by the group.

“Number one importance is to know their health status, especially since our seniors here do not go often to RHUs for check-ups, and that is why we should bring the services to them…Lalo na at iba sa kanila is experiencing chest pains and madaling mapagod. Man-manu da mapan agpa-check-up unless severe ti marikrikna da,” Liw-agan stated.

She added that the tests conducted on the elderlies are beneficial to determining what caused their joint pains if they have hypertension, and if they are suffering from heart problems.

Liw-agan, on behalf of LGU Tinglayan, expressed gratitude to KMS and AMHOP for initiating the event, underscoring that there is really a need to conduct such activity once in a while considering that the area is a remote one, making it difficult for senior citizens to have access to basic health checkups.



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