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Math wizard from Santa Marcela, Apayao wins bronze in 2023 International Math Olympiad

Santa Marcela, Apayao – A student from Apayao Science High School, Adrian Agngarayngay, recently won a bronze medal for the Philippines in the 2023 Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad (PhIMO) Final Round.

Said event brought pride to the town of Santa Marcela, inspiring other students to study harder and become one of the best in their schooling.

With the win, the yApayao student demonstrated his worldwide competitiveness and brilliance in the field of mathematics.

Agngarayngay is a native of Barangay Panay in Santa Marcela, Apayao, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ethal Agngarayngay, and a first year junior high school student at Apayao Science High School in Luna, Apayao.

Given his aptitude to perform mathematical operations, he was perceived to possess significant potential to become a math wizard throughout his early school years at KJV Solid Rock Academy. His consistent practice and engagement in numerous math activities and local competitions are thought to have attributed to his heightened wisdom and superb problem-solving skills.

Mayor Evelyn Martinez congratulated the student and encouraged the young people of Santa Marcela to do well in their studies and bring more honor not only to the town and their family but to the province of Apayao.

Martinez, likewise, stressed the importance of education as means to have a better future saying, “kadakayo nga estudyante tayo, ti success yo ket success met laeng ti lugar yo ken pamilya yo. Dakkel ti maitulong yo babaen ti nasayaat nga panagadal ken panang-ited yo ti inspirasyon iti pada yo nga estudiantes.”

The mayor hopes that more students from the town of Santa Marcela will be following the tracks of Adrian.

Other medalists and awardees in PhIMO final round 2023

Other students from Apayao who won bronze medals were Chloe Nirah Lactam and Quennie Heart Orbosis. Meantime, John Mark Baddo and Sahara Koph Labueng, along with Jeanne Mariz Wamil, were honored with merit distinctions. Frances Seah Filog, Kyanjin Cabralda, and Owen Earl Menor also earned well-deserved merit awards.

What is PhIMO?

Meanwhile, the International Mathematics Tournament, which took place this year in Davao City, Philippines from Sept. 22 to 25, aimed to promote excellence and proficiency in Mathematics, particularly in arithmetic, number theory, algebra, geometry, logical analysis, and combinatorics, through friendly global competitions, as well as to stimulate cultural interaction among participating countries.

The international competition was participated in by other math geniuses from Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Iran, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Similarly, the annual Math Olympiad welcomes participants from kindergarten through grade 12 senior students.



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