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Mayor Gumilab delighted with educating ySumacher children on Indigenous Culture

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Tinglayan, Kalinga–Mayor Sacrament Gumilab expressed delight with the project implemented in Barangay Sumadel 1 focused on educating children regarding the rich culture and traditions of the Sumacher Indigenous Cultural Community through the Schools of Living Traditions.

76 elementary and junior high school students underwent the program and were lectured and trained on different rituals and performing arts being practiced by the tribe. Some were educated regarding the iSumacher sub-tribe’s local dialect or mother tongue.

Gumilab said that the initiative is a good one as it will be beneficial, particularly to the generations of today impacted by modern technology and influenced by Western cultures.

“Anna un programa amod na baru na karkaru an chi ayuy an ananak, awad tan gaminen san sana un millennial way era, modern age of technology, halos inamin na apektaran nan ug-ugali di am-amin ay ili karkaru nan ay impact nan globalization, annay social media, mangrog nan ugari nan western ta ilan ta u nan an-ananak, siyan buybuyaon da nan tiktok,” Gumilab stated.

He added that with the impact of globalization and with the children being influenced by Western cultures and the Korean pop (K-pop) industry, the culture and traditions being practiced by the ancestors in the olden days are now slowly deteriorating.

Children as intruments to preserve Sumacher culture

Gumilab then urged the completers to serve as an instrument in the preservation of the beautiful culture and traditions of the Sumadel sub-tribe.

“Nu iTongrayan ta gay, uray man fumaknang ta, uray umachayu sabalin ili, sissiya kuma nan ugali tau an sissiya uman somsomok,” Gumilab told the completers.

Meantime, Gumilab expressed his gratitude to the individuals who were behind the implementation of said project in the cultural community of Sumadel as the populace. He said the youth of the place will now be reminded of their community’s culture and traditions.

In connection, Gumilab related that the local government is also working on ‘Project Funsi’ a historical documentation conceptualized to record the culture, tradition, and history of the yTinglayan people through interview, document review, and observation (IDO) technique.

The project aimed at publishing a book with the intention of educating the younger and future generations. The book will serve as a reference for them to understand better their roots and in the process would help preserve their identity as a people.

“Manyamanak nan DepEd (Department of Education) un tumurturung anna ta adi mi pun masangu munisipyo, mangi-provide kami latta logistic/alalay,” Gumilab said.

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