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Priest in Cagayan arrested for molesting 16-year-old girl

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Solana, Cagayan – A priest in Solana, Cagayan, is facing multiple charges after he was arrested on the evening of October 18 by authorities for allegedly molesting a 16-year-old youth minister member.

The suspect was identified by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Region 2 as Reverend Father Karole Reward Israel, an assistant parish priest in Solana, Cagayan.

The suspect was arrested through a rescue operation conducted on the same date by operatives in Barangay Iraga.

According to a press release by the Cagayan Provincial Information Office, the suspect and the minor victim whose name is withheld became close when the latter became an active youth member of the youth ministry in 2019.

According to the investigation made by NBI Region 2, the first alleged harassment was made by the priest on February 8, 2022.

According to the victim, she was invited by the priest for a dinner in Appari on the said date and when she drove the teenager back home, he first parked the car near the victim’s house and allegedly kissed and caressed her.

The victim managed to get away from the priest on the said attempt.

On February 22, the priest again invited the victim, but she was brought by the suspect to a hotel where she was said to have been sexually abused by the former.

The sexual activity became a routine, in which, according to the investigation, most of the incidents happened in motels, hotels, inside the car, and one time at the convent. The last time the suspect was sexually abused was on October 15, according to Cagayan PIO.

The priest was said to have filmed the sexual activities and used the films to blackmail the victim. The threats from the priest to publicize the sex videos stalled the reporting of the case by the victim.

During the arrest of the suspect, his phone was confiscated and six sex videos were found on his phone.

The victim even attempted suicide, but with the help of his family and her teacher, she was able to tell her experience and was immediately brought to the NBI, which led to the arrest of the suspect.

Meantime, the suspect has been temporarily freed after paying a recommended bail of P183,000 on Thursday, October 20.


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