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Significance of ‘Bodong’ to Kalinga youth to be discussed this IP Month

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – In a bid to revive and keep the Kalinga culture alive, the “Discussion on Bodong: Significance/Role of Bodong to Youth Development” will be conducted on Wednesday, October 19, at the Kalinga State University gymnasium.

‘Bodong’ or peace pact is among the major parts of Kalinga culture.

It is said to be an effective way of resolving disputes, especially tribal conflicts. Its effectiveness lies in the respect of cultural traditions and for tribal leaders and elders.

In a radio program of the Office of Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, Regino Wacas relayed the university’s observation that the severance of tribal peace pacts is mostly caused by the involvement of youth, including students, out-of-school youth, or juvenile delinquents.

This was seconded by Fernando Cosidon of the same office, challenging the Indigenous People Mandatory Representatives (IPMRs) to give a localized lecture on Bodong’s impact on youth and the law of the peace pact called ‘Pagta.’

The lectures, he stressed, should be done in a way that the young generation can relate to in order for them to grasp the essential matters and be able to pass the practice to future generations.

“Kasla nga obligasyon, trabaho, wennu parte ti responsible nga panangidaulo ti maysa nga lugar, dagiti elders tayo, nga mangisuro kuma wennu mangaramid ti addang tapnu maamwan dagiti ubbing ti Pagta,” said Cosidon.

Other cultural activities

Apart from ‘Bodong’ discussions, there will be training and workshops on culture and arts for the presentation of the appropriate way of using the traditional “bahag” (G-string or loincloth) and “tapis,” playing the gong, among others.

On October 21, there will be a discussion on the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA): Its Role in Advancing the Cordillera Indigenous Peoples' Right Discussion on the 11 Building Blocks of Ancestral Domain at KSU Gym.

The culmination program will be on October 31 at the KSU Oval, Bulanao Campus.

Interested participants may virtually join through zoom using the ID: 985 9455 5414 and passcode: 844388.


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