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Sta. Marcela, Apayao fights youth digital addiction, anxiety thru ‘Basketball Clinic’

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Sta. Marcela, Apayao- Sta. Marcela has seen some increase in youth-related problems in recent months prompting the local government to think of a viable strategy to combat digital addiction, isolation, anxiety, vices, immoral acts, and wrong decisions in life.

The result is a municipal-wide implementation of “basketball clinic” – a sports encampment that provides training and competitions for the youth.

Young people ages 8-11 and 12-15 participated with around 80 of them currently undergoing rigorous training aiming for mastery of rules and basic techniques of the game.

For 10 days, the said participants are exposed to proper ball handling, effective dribbling, shooting techniques, passing, and assisting strategies.

Aside from being equipped with basketball rules and moves, these young players are expected to socialize and foster camaraderie among their counterparts.

Simultaneously, a 5-day Ukelele clinic – a music training for the youth who are musically inclined - was launched which attracted 34 participants. The activity started on August 7 and culminated on August 10.

One of the trainers said “The invested time in 'ukelele' sessions does not only develop the musical skills of the participants but also safeguard their mental health.

The project is funded by the LGU and has been initiated by its Local Chief Executive, Mayor Evelyn Martinez, together with her officials.

Martinez said in this time of information and digital age, many of the youth have lesser exposure to socialization and sports as well as other activities which could mold them into becoming a healthier and better citizen. Thus, there is a need to provide them with more chances to develop themselves and take them away from the possible dangers of addiction, vices, and other unwanted acts which could destroy their future.

“Kasapulan met laeng ti aktibidades para kadagiti agtutubo tapno maikkan da ti gundaway nga agdevelop ken mapapigsa ti salun-at da…. At the same time, maiyadayo da iti dakes ken saan nga nasayaat nga aramid,” said the Mayor.

Mayor Martinez recognizing the importance of said activities likewise expressed hope that such programs will promote productive lifestyles among younger generations, affirming support to said recreational activities as they contribute to the holistic development of the municipality.


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